• Gleim CIA Traditional Review System 2020

Gleim CIA Review System is the most widely used CIA Certification study material on the market.

Gleim CIA Review System includes everything you need to pass the CIA Certification (Certified Internal Auditor) Exam and is available as a set and offered for each individual part. This system integrates all of the available materials into an easy-to-use, three-step study approach featuring adaptive learning technology so candidates can diagnose weak areas, study from review materials written by professional educators, and apply knowledge with the largest test bank of Multiple-Choice and Focus Questions on the market.

Set Contents:

  • CIA Part 1 Book: Essentials of Internal Auditing
  • CIA Part 2 Book: Practice of Internal Auditing
  • CIA Part 3 Book: Business Knowledge for Internal Auditing
  • CIA Part1 Test Bank: Multiple Choice Question Bank
  • CIA Part2 Test Bank:Multiple Choice Question Bank
  • CIA Part3 Test Bank: Multiple Choice Question Bank
  • CIA Gleim Online - Part 1
  • CIA Gleim Online - Part 2
  • CIA Gleim Online - Part 3
  • CIA Part 1 Audio Review Lecture
  • CIA Part 2 Audio Review Lecture
  • CIA Part 3 Audio Review Lecture
  • CIA Exam Rehearsal - Part 1
  • CIA Exam Rehearsal - Part 2
  • CIA Exam Rehearsal - Part 3

Each CIA Review System includes books, online courses, unlimited practice exams with our exam-emulating test bank, Personal Counselor, and our interactive Study Planner.


The CIA Review System includes

Gleim Online – This online course is your main study tool in this guided, self-study review. Gleim Online includes your interactive study planner, exam-emulating quizzes, the Gleim digital book containing comprehensive outlines and examples, and Audio Lectures. You will also have access to your own mentor, a Personal Counselor who will offer advice and support while you're studying for the exam.

Gleim CIA Test Prep, Audio Lectures, and Exam Rehearsal™ – Want even more practice and review? Gleim CIA Test Prep is the most widely used question bank on the market. On the go? Take advantage of nontraditional study time by using the Gleim Audio Lectures component of your review system, which encourages auditory learning and includes lectures of the most important concepts from the Gleim books. Finally, during your comprehensive final review, take the full-length Gleim Exam Rehearsal, which will help to identify your weak areas. Both the Gleim CIA Test Prep and Exam Rehearsal emulate the Pearson Vue testing environment and provide detailed answer explanations for both correct and incorrect answers.

All components of the Gleim CIA Review System are available any time and wherever you have access to the Internet

Product Features
Language English
Updated for New Exam Syllabus Yes
Books CIA Part 1-2-3 Book Set (Printed & Digital)
Comprehensive Test Bank of Questions CIA Part 1-2-3 Online Test Bank
Exam Day Emulation Yes
Exam Mentoring from Personal Counselors Yes
Full-Length Exam Rehearsal Yes
Intuitive Study Planner Yes
Online Review Course Yes
Audio Lectures Yes
Gleim Instruct Video Lectures No
Access Until You Pass® Guarantee No
Assistance from Accounting Experts No

Gleim CIA Traditional Review System 2020

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